I hope my SLAY stays FLEEK cuz we LIT…Bag??? slang confuses me 0_o

What the heck is bag is it an apparatus that holds different materials or substances? Is it some overly ambiguous INVISIBLE ego holder? What is bag??? Seriously like do I want to be in the bag? Were we from the bag and came out of the bag? Perhaps I should remain in the bag! Should... Continue Reading →


Déjà vu Amour

Whims WHims WHIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was Spring the air was clear I was young... REALLY YOUNG and I will never forget the second  I fell. Crash boom kablam. I have been in a coma every since. Co-ma [koh-muh] a state of prolonged unconsciousness, including a lack of   response to stimuli, from which it is impossible to... Continue Reading →

Chasing Dreams Catching Reality

Whims up! Get it? Get IT?? GET IT??? NO????????????????? Ok I accidentally exposed my inner corny, (cue trumpets, raise right hand) I solemnly swear from this day forward to never reveal the Queen that is Corny who currently dwells in my soul. As a silicifying token I will begin this nightmare of a greeting again! *Just... Continue Reading →

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