I hope my SLAY stays FLEEK cuz we LIT…Bag??? slang confuses me 0_o

Screenshot_20170719-224013 (2).jpg

What the heck is bag is it an apparatus that holds different materials or substances? Is it some overly ambiguous INVISIBLE ego holder? What is bag??? Seriously like do I want to be in the bag? Were we from the bag and came out of the bag? Perhaps I should remain in the bag! Should I throw, toss or put it  (and don’t get me started on what it is)in the bag? I’m so confused! I have come to this very obvious conclusion…


I can’t keep up, I really tried but they change so rapidly. I asked myself was that always the case did I have new lingo ever 6 seconds as a teen? Probably but the difference is everyone I communicated  with had the ability to comprehend what I was expressing.  When I said its like butta baby no one looked for bread or if I exuberantly declared it’s Da Bomb no one headed for cover. BUUUTTTT now I have to exhibit a scholarly level of rhetoric by day and chop it up like a jawnie at night.

That’s too much pressure

Plus I listen to christian music most of the time where am I suppose to learn the newest words and the proper way to use them. This only matters to me because as a youth leader I want to remain relevant like I don’t want to be all basic you feel me brazzi, however the day I tried to conjugate thot I knew my time was up.

I suddenly felt ashamed of myself! I must sound like my mom to these children, I remember my mom pronouncing to all of my friends in the mall that she was “all dat and a bag of chips wit the dip”… yup that was coincidentally the day I started riding the bus.

LESSON??? Everything has a season. Instead of conforming to the youth of today I should inspire them to transform into the adults of tomorrow… okay and know I sound like a corny bumper sticker or PBS commercial.

Anyway if any of you Whims have advice on how to be cool without embarrassing yourself let me know #askingformyself. I am not even close to mastering this adulting thing I am still figuring out that I am not a teen. For now I’ll just give it up because before I know it I’ll be walking around like my Granddad calling people Jive Turkey’s (he still really thinks that a hurtful insult, on the other hand he things being cool (or Kool) like Moe Dee is spectacular lol).

Wish me Luck Whims!!!






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