Déjà vu Amour




It was Spring the air was clear I was young… REALLY YOUNG and I will never forget the second  I fell. Crash boom kablam. I have been in a coma every since.

Co-ma [koh-muh] a state of prolonged unconsciousness, including a lack of   response to stimuli, from which it is impossible to rouse a person.

Precisely my state there is no way that I could explain it other than a coma no I’m not being dramatic I am unconsciously in love with my first love encounter!

Truthfully! This is my actual state of being it’s outside of reality, it’s beyond what one could ever explain, it’s UFO, other worldly, explicitly supernatural! I have been in love since I was 11 years old not necessarily with a person but with the initial occurrence. And that my whims is the point of this blog I’ve had debate after debate in search for the answer to this question…

Do you ever love  again like you loved the first time you loved?

Let me tell you, that day (you know the day I went into a coma) there were no words between us, no commonality, no physical interaction but I knew I was sure at ELEVEN and now 18 years later, it has grown to something different, something bigger than lust, words and puppies. I know you’re like puppies? What the heck is she talking about puppies but you know puppy love, it’s bigger than that it’s more than relationships and marriage it’s more than friendship it’s it’s it’s I have no clue what it is but I have been chasing it ever since. What I’m sure of is it is one of a kind and it has to be the only kind of love that exists.

I’m really curious to see if any one agrees so here it goes I believe that you can never love again like you love for the first time only. I believe that when the time is at hand to become one with your soulmate they will recreate your idea of love. That is how you will know they are the person for you.

Are you lost and confused yet?  GOOD let me catch you up!

So here goes my theory the Big Love Theory…

When you first fall in love it creates something in you. Something different than your family ever introduced you to not like your favorite food and your favorite show or the best ice cream you’ve ever had, it’s the thing that spark something in your inner being that tells you THIS IS LOVE! Now most of us know exactly when that moment was most of us can recall the person and the time. If you’re like me you know what they were wearing, what day it was and which classroom. Anyway most of us don’t regard it as a life-changing experience here’s the thing  that moment was created for you to gauge the rest of your relationships the rest of your interactions it instantly without warning or permission became you hearts yard stick.

So should we all marry our first loves absolutely not! I mean if you’re lucky you can! What I am saying is when you finally meet someone that can CREATE, PRODUCE, GENERATE a new revelation of what you thought love was marry them!

Unprecedented love washes away every other emotion that you ever had compared to it that’s when you know it’s real, it’s fresh, moreover it will last. I’m not married so I’m sure you’re all wondering what makes me the expert? HELLLLOOOOO I fell comatose in love when I was 11 years old and I haven’t met the person who can create that crippling feeling in me again. No one who has re-develop and re-modeled it for me I know sad lol.

This I know to be true, love in this manner is a living organism that scrolls within your soul ,changing with you but more importantly changing through. You are inevitably alter because of it. It changes your mind, reactions and perception not because you’re controlled by it but instead because you surrender to it you are bettered because of it. It should alter your vision! My whims that are married and reading this and you feel like wow my husband or my wife is not altering my vision… I’m sorry my friend but you might be missing something.

This Love is the pure untainted divine love it can only be given by God and you will only have it here on earth, with a person, when that person is sent to you by God.

Like I said I’m still out from the 90’s, I’ll let you know if find mines’!!!

Good Luck Whims!!!




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  1. Omg I so love it. When you make us wait in suspense so long for a new one I enjoy them more and more each time. Make more and you have the take your time free pass from me, because the suspense makes them even more exciting to read. Love your work can’t wait to read more!!


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