Domestically Independent


I have completely totally missed you all!

As you know I am in my late 20’s doing the moonwalk to 30! What you should also know about me is that I am also very much single and I don’t have any children. Not that I am boasting in either of those facts but I am COMPLETELY content with it. Here’s the thing believe it or not I DO NOT WANT CHILDREN (anytime soon or maybe ever who knows)aaaannnd I’m not looking, chasing or overly anticipating a HUSBAND!

That’s right ladies and gents, I’ve made the personal decision to spend my prayer time on things like poverty, human trafficking, sickness and salvation and have instead neglected my pleads to the good Lord for a man to complete me. No shade to my girlies who are praying for a hubby because please believe I have conversed with the Father about my future Mr. if there is one and I have even gone as far as interceding on his behalf but I am not, have not and will not add the expedient reveal of him to my daily prayer list. MOreOVa…Yes, it is true there are some women in the world that may marvel at the fantasy of being a mom and then snap back to reality and realize it is not the life for them. I’ve been told for about 15 years of my life that I would get over that and I will eventually want to be a mother. Hey peeps guess what IT HASN’t happened YET! (It could be nice but I’m not eager)

Which brings me to my current dilemma, the Not a Mom thing, and the Not a Wife thing has created a Not domestic thing. Like I can make things but they are very Very VERY basic. If I had to fix an entire meal could I YES do I ever have the motivation to cook an entire meal NO! Seriously, I never do it. That fact wouldn’t be so bad or sad except I really don’t want to EVER! I have watched my life patterns and realize I have not been to the market in over a month.

PAUSE… the first person to judge me for saying MARKET is completely fired.


and I still don’t have a need to go (I if had a family I would be forced to)  It is terrible I know but why waste my time going to the store, cooking and all that when I could order with an app keep working and get it delivered to me, anything else is just a joke. It’s not just the cooking thing, when I say domesticity is comepletely lost on me it IS. I could wear all my clothes until I run out of socks. I could ignore my chores until my dresser top is invisible. Cleaning anything that requires me to be on hands and knees doesn’t need to be in my house, my thumb must be light pink, and I don’t even sew buttons. To be completely honest I re-think outfits when one of the items needs to be ironed.

I am sure all 12 or my readers are now offering me looks of disgust and shame bt before you label me lazy understand I have 2 full time jobs, im enrolled in law school and my community footprints are creating trails of their own. I just don’t have the time for “Home Life”. None of this would even be something to talk about excpect if I even did leave my singleness behind I would have a huge struggle with the transistion and I really don’t want to be the wife who can’t do anything. Plus I pride my self on being self sufficient and in order to rightfully hold that title I need some life skills. Not to mention it gets pretty expense relying on stores for everything.

I have figured the solution to my domestic debacle is to try to incorporate 8th grade homec practices into my very busy life little by little and try to make them fun so that I don’t objectify the feminist in my soul, who feels like she is being pushed back to the 50’s everytime I pull out the cookie sheet.

The next time I make pancakes I will use the original receipt instead of the just add water. It will force me to me in the kitchen aliitle longer.

Since community service is already my obsession maybe I should solicit my friends to make blankets for the children’s hospital and that would be a good reason to learn how to sew.

I guess what I am saying is if you are like me single, independent and career driven it is sometimes hard to focus your efforts on the “other” things in life. But to be a power house or what my really good friend calls a #bossinheels you need to be well rounded. Perhaps domestics isn’t your issue but other things get lost in the mix try an altered version of my experiment. It is simple identify the things you already love to do then substitute (shoot we have loved substitutes since 1st grade) one of the variables with an aspect of the thing you want to do or should be doing.

Good luck Whims!!!




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  1. I re-think outfits when one of the items needs to be ironed. —- Bahahahahahaaaaaa!!! #DropTheMic #Done #MeToo #Vulnerable #Naked #PAUSE —- #DontJudgeMeEither…. Wow. What GUTS you have to say this out loud! Way to challenge yourself and us to be “well-rounded.”


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