Chasing Dreams Catching Reality

Whims up!

Get it? Get IT?? GET IT??? NO?????????????????

Ok I accidentally exposed my inner corny, (cue trumpets, raise right hand) I solemnly swear from this day forward to never reveal the Queen that is Corny who currently dwells in my soul. As a silicifying token I will begin this nightmare of a greeting again!

*Just know…this promise WILL absolutely be broken probably in this post*

Hey Whims!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                         and the award for longest greeting ever goes too (drum roll please) TAHIRASHAVONNE

Enough of that let’s get to it!

I am a proud 20 something, so while I can hold tightly to that truth for what is left of it, I am trying to embrace the truth of what being a 30 something might encompass.  Adolescent me was sure that age 25 meant you were a full adult, after all by then you could vote, have a drink, and rent a car what else could being an adult possibly be about? However, the 28 year old version of me has since realized that being a Grown-up completely SUCKS! Why does it SUCK you literally have to pay for EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!!! The freaking DMV is charging people for clean air! Who sold them the WIND to rent to us? Seriously though I’m not going to rant about this but how are you forcing me to rent something from you that you don’t own???? Now for my readers that are like it’s  the cost to rid the air of pollution, I KNOW AND IT STILL SUCKS!

The youth to adult misconception that I am mostly struggling with is dream vs. reality.

I have always been goal driven, and as a little child I was told that dream do come true! You could be whatever you want to be. If you study and work hard you could accomplish any goal. I had LeVar Burton telling me to “take a look its in a book”, Robert Kelly declaring, “If I can see it, then I can do it. If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it” and Rob Schneider preaching, “You can do it.” I felt empowered, ready to triumph I had all these powerful and creditable 0_o 0_o people saying that I can do whatever I wanted and more. Do I still believe that in my late twenties? I CERTAINLY DO! I do and not in a snarky I don’t want the backlash of admitting I don’t kind of way I really do believe that people who are determined can reach goals.


Here’s the thing you need a whole lot more than a desire.


I got great grades in school, I went to college right out the gate. (Like literally I left graduation and went home packed my bag and went to college the next morning), I finished in 4 years, did internships, joined clubs, made friends, connections and had a clear goal on what my plan was next. I was not an aimless student who didn’t know her major or lacked an occupational course to follow. I was pre-law from the start.


Go to law school. Complete a dual program getting a MBA and a JD. Work for a corporation and conquer what was left of the world.


I was Skint! BROKE! When you see college on TV it looks like an episode of the real world with a bunch of scholars.  They never show people eating dry Ramen because you don’t have a stove and your microwave broke. I was not prepared for how thick an atmosphere of desperation could be until I stepped into the financial aid office. I’ve seen humans morph into lions, tigers, and sharks (you should have known I couldn’t say bears) as they stepped into the administration building. The doorways instantly turned into portals to Narnia. College was more like an overpriced insane asylum with boozed obsessed people and big words. Don’t get me wrong I would do it 100 times over but by the time I finished I already had student loans up the wazoo and the thought of adding another $150,000 was just not an option.


Take a year off, after all I’ve been in school for 18 years and I need to save some money for the next round of schooling!


Deferment is over in 6 months and now you have a very real bill every month. You now have car note, car insurance, rent, and you need health insurance. Plus who can live with out a phone, internet and if you’re Warren Buffet or a descendant of Rockefeller cable.

Now I am working in finance at a bank! FAR from the legal field because I let life catch me off guard. I am still slowly pursuing my JD and now MPP but the point is hard word needs practicality. I know many people want you all to believe that they left college summa cum laude but that’s not my story, which means getting into law school was HARD and I did that by the skin of my teeth. Furthermore, that meant I was not in the running for “all those government funds”.

as with all my post I want you to walk away not just knowing me better but learning from my errors. If you can help it students DO NOT TAKE TIME OFF KEEP GOING! Networking is key and make your presence essential no matter where you go because your only 6 people away from the person you need to know.

For my Whims that are transitioning to adulthood don’t consider the old its done make real goals based on your real situation not just the one your pretending to be in. Imaginary Goals = Imaginary Results . It is a gift and a strength to be honest, especially with yourself, and once you do that you will be completely empowered to succeed. Also, seek God for your purpose I am finding out everyday that the things that don’t align are not for lack of effort but lack of symmetry.

There are many, many, MANY things I dreamt I would be right now; married, a mom, rich and completely independent. For a while the reality of the absence of those things paralyzed me. Now, I am extremely grateful for my own timing because I was chasing a course that society mapped for me and not the one God design for me. I didn’t make it but until I do I will catch one dream at a time and chase a few dollars to pay for it and probably run smack into Reality on my way!



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  1. Yes! Yes! YYyyeeesss Hhoonneeyyy!!! So VERY real! I liked this….” I was chasing a course that society mapped for me and not the one God design for me” — UUmm hello! Great pieces of advice! Wow. Thank you for being so candid— AGAIN. Love!


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