Gone with the Whims!

Blogger??????????? I don’t know that I would have ever given myself such a title but the truth is I was sitting in my very small bedroom with my glances plastered to the walls, listening to an extremely funny Podcast thinking it’s either this or a novel. Well seeing that I have been cursed with a grandpa voice and my attention span is that of a gnat a Pod was out of the question and a the “Great American Novel” is too long. SOoOoO you blog readers, blogites, blogarians??? 0_o you people who read blogs are stuck with me! Before I move on I have to know what do you call people who read blogs??? Gaga has Monsters, Tamar has Tamartians, Nikki has Barbies, Instagram has followers, Facebook has friends (you get it right?) I don’t know what blog has but my blog readers from this day forward are declared WHIMS, so it is so shall it be!

Confession…It’s insane for me to write a blog because I don’t read them! After all the constant conga line that is booging in my brain keeps me well entertained. I can’t possible risk contaminating my mind with someone else ish,

WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry Whims but yea I am THAT girl… I don’t swear, I pray to Jesus and I could give to figs about grammar (in a forum like this at least). I am extremely well read and educated but I want to be free to type things the way I hear them. Channeling my inner Marie Antoinnette “Let them misspell!”

Now back to your regularly scheduled program!

If you have not already noticed I am a bit eccentric. I am a trained actress but to date my only notable appearance has been life! So I invite you to join me on the crazy whimsical (my favorite word) ride. I can’t promise that everything will make sense because I won’t pre-think a single thing. I just hope in the sea of dented fenders, ripped jeans and scattered thoughts that someone gets a little joy out of my crazy!

– TahiraShavonne


5 thoughts on “Gone with the Whims!

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  1. What an in depth insight on an idea turned reality. Glad to see someone brave enough to entertain a blog… And smile while doing it. We want more, keep it up.

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