Excuse me while I Gush but B.A.E. is Perfect

Oh My Gosh I just Love HIM!!!!! So hey Whims Such a good feeling to be back talking with you guys This is going to be a quick post but I wanted to get this off my chest.................. I need to talk to you brilliant people about the list. Now I know I've spoken of... Continue Reading →


Black Depression = Her perfection

It physically hurt and I thought I would be ill but I texted her back with 4 words... I had let my need to be perfect get the best of me and now My shoulders were covered with tears of others and yet I'm not bold enough to allow one ounce of liquid moisten the... Continue Reading →

Black Depression = Her Magic

Each bad day feels like the worst day of my life! It's not the illness sometimes it's the secret. My head was pounding that night, I had spent so much of my day crying and being in a funk, for no good reason. I finally muster-up enough strength to polo (video chat) my 2 "spirit-sisters"... Continue Reading →

Love Letter to My Youth

"It's okay I'm still in my twenties I have time to grow", I said for the very last time because tomorrow, TOMORROW I Tahira Shavonne will be 30! It's bittersweet though because while I loved the youthful defense time waits for no one. Dear 20's, Well I guess this is goodbye... I've known you for... Continue Reading →

Slim Chance

Dear Whims, WE SPOKE TONIGHT! I was happy to speak to him! I am ALWAYS happy to speak to him because I can be completely transparent and silly with him. We talk about everything and nothing, but to be honest our conversations are pure and therapeutic. I wouldn't trade a single anecdote not one sentence... Continue Reading →

Déjà vu Amour

Whims WHims WHIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was Spring the air was clear I was young... REALLY YOUNG and I will never forget the second  I fell. Crash boom kablam. I have been in a coma every since. Co-ma [koh-muh] a state of prolonged unconsciousness, including a lack of   response to stimuli, from which it is impossible to... Continue Reading →

Domestically Independent

WWWWHHHHHIIIMMMMMSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I have completely totally missed you all! As you know I am in my late 20's doing the moonwalk to 30! What you should also know about me is that I am also very much single and I don't have any children. Not that I am boasting in either of those facts but I... Continue Reading →

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